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coconut wax candles

Slow burning, long lasting, and a truly superior scent throw. Yep, we love our coconut wax scented candles, much more than soy candles. You will too. Hand poured in Oklahoma City using only the dopest materials. You'll be erasing that embarassing bathroom aftermath in no time.
You know what you did.



Scented candles are a great way to add fragrance to your home and coconut wax blends are becoming increasingly popular due to their superior scent throw, their long burn, and the fact that they burn cooler than other waxes such as paraffin wax or soy wax.
Not only do scented candles make your home smell good, but they can also be used as an ambient and relaxing source of light. Shop Good Wknd's selection of scented candles and find the perfect scent for your space!

Which is better gold filled or gold plated?

Gold filled jewelry is an increasingly popular form of jewelry that offers a more affordable alternative to solid gold. It is made by heat-bonding a layer of gold over brass, bronze or other metal, making it more durable than gold plated jewelry while still providing the same luxurious look and feel.

Gold filled jewelry and gold plated jewelry are both popular choices for those looking to buy jewelry. Both have their pros and cons, but overall gold filled jewelry is a better choice than gold plated jewelry. Gold filled jewelry has about 100 times the gold that plated jewelry has, making it a more affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry. Gold plated jewelry is typically a thin layer of gold that can easily wear off, while gold filled jewelry has a very thick layer of gold over a base metal.