the difference between gold fill and gold plated

Gold Fill vs. Gold Plated Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know

Which is better gold filled or gold plated?

Gold filled jewelry is an increasingly popular form of jewelry that offers a more affordable alternative to solid gold. It is made by heat-bonding a layer of gold over brass, bronze or other metal, making it more durable than gold plated jewelry while still providing the same luxurious look and feel.

Gold filled jewelry and gold plated jewelry are both popular choices for those looking to buy jewelry. Both have their pros and cons, but overall gold filled jewelry is a better choice than gold plated jewelry. Gold filled jewelry has about 100 times the gold that plated jewelry has, making it a more affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry. Gold plated jewelry is typically a thin layer of gold that can easily wear off, while gold filled jewelry has a very thick layer of gold over a base metal.


Factors When Deciding

When deciding on which type of gold jewelry to buy, you should consider the following factors:

1. Cost: Gold filled jewelry is more expensive than gold plated jewelry due to the higher concentration of gold in it. However, it also offers more value for money in terms of longevity and quality.

2. Durability: Gold filled jewelry is very durable and will last for many years with proper care. On the other hand, gold plated jewelry can easily wear off over time due to its thin layer of gold.

3. Appearance: Gold filled jewelry has a similar finish to gold plated jewelry but it is less likely to tarnish or discolor due to the thicker gold present in the piece.


How to care for gold filled jewelry

Taking proper care of your gold filled jewelry is essential in keeping it looking its best and ensuring it will last for many years to come. Cleaning and storage are two important steps in taking care of your gold filled jewelry. Be sure to clean any dirt or oils off regularly with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap, then dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth before storing away from extreme temperatures or humidity. Additionally, you should avoid wearing the jewelry in pools or hot tubs, as the chemicals can damage the gold layer. Taking these steps will keep your gold filled jewelry looking its best for many years to come.

Ultimately, gold filled jewelry is a better choice than gold plated jewelry. It offers more value for money in terms of quality and longevity, making it an affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry. When shopping for gold jewelry, make sure to do your research and choose the one that best suits your needs.


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