Let's sit crooked and talk straight

About Good Wknd

Welcome to Good Wknd, where we're fighting the good fight against the Sunday Scaries, one handmade candle and piece of minimalist jewelry at a time. Think of G Dub as your personal cheerleader for pretending the weekend never ended, even when your alarm says otherwise.

The Origin Story: A Happy Accident

Good Wknd started as my personal quest to never let that weekend glow fade away, even on a Monday morning. After one too many "Sunday Scaries," I thought, "Why not create something that makes every day feel like a weekend?" And just like that, with a little bit of naivety and a whole lot of caffeine, Good Wknd (originally Stella Grey Studio until 2022) was born in 2016 in a tiny, spare bedroom in Oklahoma City.

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What We're Throwing Down: Your New Obsessions

Here’s the deal: We sling handmade coconut wax candles that smell so good you'll forget about the pile of laundry in the corner.

And our jewelry? It's like the armor you wear into battle (a.k.a. your morning meeting), signaling to the world that you might be running on four hours of sleep, but you still look as on-point as your Hinge profile pic.

Because "Meh" Isn't a Mood

Our mission is to inject a little joy into the monotony of weekdays. We're here to remind you can feel like a weekend warrior, even if the most adventurous thing you do is try a new coffee blend.

It's about celebrating the small wins, like actually remembering to water your plants or choosing to wear real pants on a Zoom call.

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Made with Snark and Love

Every item from Good WKND is crafted with the kind of care and precision usually reserved for choosing the right emoji in a risky text. Straight out of Oklahoma City, this is a studio where caffeine reigns supreme, snark is a love language, and if it doesn’t slap, it doesn’t leave the studio. Hearts are poured into everything, ensuring that each piece brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

Come for the Candles, Stay for the Sarcasm

So, if you're here for candles that double as conversation starters or jewelry that says, "I'm more interesting than my Netflix history suggests," welcome. Dive into our collection and let's keep the weekend spirit alive together.

And if you ever feel like sharing a chuckle or just need someone to commiserate with about the existential dread of Sunday evenings? Drop us a line. Here at Good Wknd, we love  making connections, trading dad jokes, and sharing snarky memes.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Good Wknd gang!

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Benevolent Vixen Club

Let's be real, shopping is pretty great, especially when you're snagging that must-have accessory that's going to make your friends say, 'Ugh, where did you get that?'

But you know what's even better? Being a total shopping superhero. That's right, every time you treat yourself (or your home) to something from Good WKND, you're also slinging some cash to a kickass charity.

Welcome to the Benevolent Vixen Club, where looking good and doing good aren't mutually exclusive—they're basically besties. With every purchase, you're not just upgrading your style; you're also helping make the world a slightly less terrible place. And isn't that something we all can get behind?"

More About Benevolent Vixen Club

About Tiffany

Dog Enthusiast, Pizza Crust Aficionado

Welcome to my chaotic corner of the internet, home of Good Wknd, where I’m the chief of everything from wax spills to website crashes. Yes, I’m the face  behind the magic, a dog lover who judges people on how they treat waitstaff, and and a self-proclaimed pizza crust afficionado (the best part of pizza, fight me).

Back in college, while I was getting all cultured up in art and design, I majored in oil painting and minored in “What the hell am I going to do with my life?”

Fast forward through a blur of late nights, spilled paint, a harrowing few years working at the mall, more years as a property tax accountant (yes, really), and the realization that no one's going to pay me to critique Renaissance art, and boom: Good Wknd was born.

I’m the founder, which is a fancy way of saying I’m the photographer when my phone’s not dead, the graphic designer on good days, the candle pourer when I remember to order wax, the jewelry designer on a caffeine high, and the manager with sometimes nothing more than the grace of a drunk flamingo. It’s a glamorous life, filled with hottie shots of candles and jewelry, whispering sweet nothings to my laptop, and the occasional cry over a spreadsheet.

So, if you’re into products made while watching true crime docs, plus a whole lot of heart, you’re my people. Everything here is crafted with the kind of passion only a slightly overwhelmed, perpetually sarcastic, yet inexplicably optimistic gal can muster.

Hang out for the candles that’ll turn your life (fine just your bathroom) into a scene straight out of a feel-good movie, and jewelry that screams, "I’m the quirky lead in an indie flick you’ve probably never heard of." It’s all here, where it's our mission to sprinkle a bit of mystery and a lot of magic into your daily grind. We’re making every day a little less ordinary. Welcome to the party your Good Wknd.