Jewelry Care

14k best practices

Solid Gold

Mild soap and warm water or your favorite jewelry cleaner that is safe for solid gold jewelry.

All jewelry needs to be cleaned, even solid gold. If you notice the posts discoloring, gunk building up, or stinky piercings, it's time to clean them up. If needed, soak in a small bowl of warm water to get off any buildup.

classic large gold hoop earrings

best gold filled cleaning tips

Gold Filled

  • Avoid: saltwater, chlorine from swimming pools, harsh detergents, perfumes, and cleaning agents.
  • Clean: warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to dry it. A jewelry cleaning cloth that's safe for gold jewelry can also be used.
  • Prolong the life: avoid additional stress by removing it when sleeping, showering, or any strenuous activity like exercising.
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keep it sparkling

Brass & Bronze

  • Patina: brass & bronze will naturally patina (darken) over time. This is a process & look that many people love. However if you prefer to keep your metal in its original state, a simple polish with a polishing cloth will restore your jewels to their original beauty! Brass & bronze will always polish back to their brightly colored state.
  • Keep it shining: prolong the high-shine, polished look by avoiding getting your brass items wet. Remove when showering, exercising, or washing your hands. Avoid trapping moisture between your skin and larger items like thick rings and bracelets.
  • Storage: in a low humidity location (don't store in your bathroom) and keeping them in the box they arrived in is a great place!
  • I LOVE Maas jewelry polish for bronze and brass!