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Solid Gold

Your solid gold jewelry needs a little self-care moment from time to time, just like you do after a week of saying, 'I'll go to bed early tomorrow.'

If your earrings start looking as tired as you feel on a Friday, or your piercings give off a vibe that says, 'something's spoiled in the fridge,' it’s cleaning time. Mix some mild soap with warm water, or use that fancy jewelry cleaner you bought in a moment of optimism.

Seeing a bit of gunk or a weird color shift? Give them a soak in warm water. It’s like a refreshing nap for your jewelry, and will leave them refreshed and sparkling.

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Gold Filled

Here’s how to keep your gold filled gems shining like the top of the Chrysler building:

AVOID: Think of saltwater, chlorine, harsh detergents, perfumes, and basically any cleaning agent as the mean girls of the jewelry world. They’re not here to make your gold fill's life better.

CLEAN: Cozy it up with some warm water and mild soap, like you’re making it a relaxing bath after a long day. Then, pat it dry with a soft cloth. It’s like a spa day, but for your accessories.

PROLONG THE LIFE: Give your jewelry its beauty rest by taking it off before you sleep, shower, or decide to run a marathon (or, you know, any activity where you actually break a sweat). It's all about avoiding extra drama to keep your pieces looking fresh.

Keeping your gold fill jewelry in tip-top shape is basically about treating it like a VIP.

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Brass & Bronze

Brass and bronze are like that cool aunt who gets more interesting with age—they naturally patina, or darken, giving them a vibe that screams, 'I’ve lived a life.'

MAINTENANCE: Some folks are all about that seasoned look, but if you’re team 'Keep It Shiny,' just a quick swipe with a polishing cloth will make your pieces look like the day you bought them. To maintain that just-bought sparkle, treat your brass like a gremlin—keep it away from water.

That means taking off those statement pieces before you dive into showering, sweating it out, or even just washing your hands. And thick rings or bracelets? Make sure they’re not hoarding moisture like it's their job.

STORAGE: When it comes to storage, think of your bathroom as a brass and bronze’s arch-nemesis because of all that humidity. A dry spot is their happy place. The box they came in is perfect for this!

And if you want to get serious about keeping that shine, Maas jewelry polish and I are in a committed relationship. It’s magic for brass and bronze, making them look brand-spanking-new.

Solid gold bar earrings
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