Scent Glossary

All of Good Wknd's scents below so you can find your favorites!

So Dope

Moroccan mint + geranium leaves + cannabis

Smells like you’re covering up good weed with great perfume.

She Wolf

Palo santo + musk + soft amber

Smells like a hottie rolled around in some mulch.

Black Santal

Camphor + ambergris + sandalwood

Smells like your villain origin story.

Floral Jumpsuit

Violet flower + lemon + sandalwood

Smells like you spilled perfume on a hot woodworker’s table.

Mistakes Were Made

Tobacco + vanilla + tonka bean

Smells like a vintage leather jacket that dropped a lot of panties.


Velvet Minx

Cassis nectar + terracotta + palo santo

Smells like a bruha’s potion table.

Do Not Disturb

Citrus greens + cactus blossom

Smells like canceled plans.

Room Service

Lemon flower + green mandarin + blue sea kelp + clary sage

Smells like you have staff.

Rainy Day Detox

Sugared clementine + honey

Smells like a juicy distraction from real life.

Breakfast Floozy (seasonal)

Coffee bean + maple syrup

Smells like salvation after Tuesday night tequila mistakes.