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Palo Santo • Amber • Musk

She Wolf

She Wolf brings notes of palo santo, subtle citrus, soft musk, and warm amber for a delightfully subtle, unisex fragrance you'll want to burn all year long.

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Warm Vanilla • Tobacco • Tonka Bean

Mistakes Were Made

This is the candle you light when you want your space to feel like a group hug. Beginning with the universally loved hug of vanilla, it whispers, "Everything's going to be okay."

Tobacco then waltzes in, adding layers of depth and maturity, saying, "I’ve seen things." Tonka bean closes the show with the comfort of finally finding the perfect position on the couch.

This candle is like a trusty companion for your lazy afternoons when you're pretending to meditate.

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tobacco vanilla candle


out of office scented candle

Coconut Milk • Creamy Santal • Warm Cedar

Out of Office

Out of Office is the candle you light when you want to trick your brain into thinking you're on vacation, even though you're just avoiding emails. With notes of coconut milk, creamy santal, and warm cedar, it's like sending your senses on a holiday even if your body's stuck doing laundry. It's the smell of freedom—the kind you feel when you hit that glorious away button and suddenly, the world's a brighter place.

Light this baby up and bask in the warm, vacation-y glow. Who needs a beach when you've got Out of Office? It's the next best thing to being unreachable, without the sunburn or the sand in weird places.

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French Lavender • White Sage • Warm Cedar

Stolen Bathrobe

Stolen Bathrobe brings the soothing scent of French lavender, the herbal hit of white sage, and a cozy hint of warm cedar—because nothing says "I'm relaxed and probably a little too comfortable with petty theft" like this aromatic blend.

This candle is for those moments when you want to feel like you're wrapped in a luxury hotel bathrobe without the expense of an actual hotel. Light it up and let the fragrant notes of lavender, sage, and cedar wrap you in a scent as comforting and rebellious as the bathrobe you "accidentally" packed in your luggage.

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smells like a heist


Smells like your villain origin story.

black santal candle

Perfumed Frankincense • Light Floral • Ambergris • Sandalwood

Black Santal

The candle that whispers, "This is where your villain era begins." With a daring blend of perfumed camphor, subtle floral hints, mysterious ambergris, and deep sandalwood, it's the scent of plotting your world domination—or maybe just how to get out of doing dishes.

It's an attitude, a mood, a vibe.

Whether you're scheming grand plans or simply enjoying a night in, let Black Santal fuel your evil genius.

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