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a juicy distraction from real life

refreshing candle

Juicy Sugared Clementine • Vanilla Pods • Honey • Apple Wood

Rainy Day Detox

With a blend of juicy clementine, cozy vanilla pods, sweet honey, and a hint of apple wood, it’s like nature decided to throw a spa day and you’re the guest of honor. This isn’t just a scent; it’s an escape plan for when reality is being too...real.

Light up Rainy Day Detox and let the fruity, sweet aroma wrap you up in a blanket of "I can't adult today." Perfect for those days when you need a little help pretending everything’s just fine and dandy, "Rainy Day Detox" is your ticket to a mental vacation, no PTO required.

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Yoga Arms

Yoga Arms is your new go-to for making any space feel clean and inviting! With its sophisticated blend of bright lemon zest, calming French lavender, and earthy cedar wood, it's like a breath of fresh air for your home.

Perfect for meditation, yoga, or setting a welcoming vibe in your kitchen or entryway, especially when expecting guests. It's the ultimate touch to refresh your space, acting like a final sweep of cleanliness with its juicy burst of citrus. Light up Yoga Arms and let its soothing aroma help you unwind or prepare your home for company with ease and style.

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smells like you're only in class for the savasana

lemon lavender candle
lavender and lemon room spray


Yoga Arms Room and Linen Spray

With notes of lemon, lavender, and cedar, this scent will transport you to the most zen savasana you've ever had. Uplifting and revitalizing citrus blend splendidly with floral lavender and are grounded by warm cedar. The perfect bedroom or kitchen fragrance!

Our room sprays are highly concentrated. Start with a single spray and build or layer as desired.

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Lemon • Green Mandarin • Blue Sea Kelp • White Thyme

Golden Oasis

Smells like an afternoon nap in the middle of a Sicilian orchard.

Our room sprays are highly concentrated. Start with a single spray and build or layer as desired.

With notes of sun-soaked yuzu, freshly-squeezed grapefruit, lemon zest, and thyme, this is the perfect kitchen or linen room spray! Give your nostrils a hit of vitamin C and transport yourself to the middle of a juicy orchard!

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citrus room spray and citrus linen spray

pop the bubbly

Raspberries • Sparkling Champagne • Sugared Peach

Champagne Saber

This candle is basically a celebration in a (reusable!) jar. Crack open a bottle of sparkling Prosecco, toss in some ripe raspberries and a crisp pear, then sprinkle a little sugar and glitter on top because we're fancy like that.

Champagne Saber is ready to turn any mundane Tuesday night into the bash you didn't know you needed.

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