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New name, same awesome

Yep, we have a new name! Goodbye Stella Grey Studio, hello Good Wknd!


good wknd

Why did the name change?

Honestly, it was a long time coming. I'd been struggling with a new brand identity once I realized that I wanted to expand beyond only jewelry. I'd dreamed up the name Stella Grey back in 2004 on a whim, and after my great grandma. So how do I find a new name? And if that wasn't hard enough, how do I find an available .com to match that new name? And after that, is the new name trademarked?? If you've ever named a biz before, you know what a nightmare it is. 

So I kinda swept the plan to the side and focused on other things. But recently I realized how much I really was craving a new name and a new brand identity to match the big plans I had. So I buckled down one (long) weekend and after staring at my laptop screen for what felt like 48 hours straight, and literally dozens of failed/rejected names, I landed on Good Wknd.

Why Good Wknd?

Because who among us doesn't live for an amazing weekend?? Some of us like low-key, relaxing weekends and some of us love going out and living it up. And some of us love both! No matter which camp you're in, Good Wknd has the goods to help you create the weekend you want. I'm so glad you're here and for sticking around for the next phase!


What do you think about the new name? Comment below and let us know!

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