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5 Reasons to Consider a Candle Warmer

Are you looking for a safer way to fragrance your home? Are you looking for an alternative to burning candles? If so, then you should consider using a candle warmer. Candle warmers are the newest way to fragrance your entire space without having to use an open flame. They are also a great alternative to traditional lit candles. Candle warmers are safer than burning candles because there is no flame. This makes them ideal for households with children or pets. Let's discuss the benefits of using candle warmers and provide some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs!


1. Are candle warmers safe?

You may have found yourself wondering, "Are candle warmers safe?" Yes! Candle warmers are a safe alternative to traditional candles, as they don't require an open flame. This makes them ideal for homes with small children or pets, as there is no risk of them knocking over a candle and starting a fire. Of course, you do still need to keep your candle and candle warmer somewhere that it cannot easily be knocked over. Hot melted wax is not a good look splattered on your favorite rug or running down the sides of your new West Elm coffee table. (Ask me how I know.)


2. They're Easy to Use

Have you ever wondered, "are candle warmers better than burning?" Candle warmers are easy to use and don't require any special setup. All you have to do is plug in the warmer, place a candle on top, and turn it on. Once the candle is melted, a pleasant aroma will start to fill the room.

As to whether or not they're better is up for debate. While a traditional candle offers the delightful ambiance of a flame, candle warmers can fix a tunneling candle. Did you burn your candle in too-short burn sessions? As long as your candle isn't deeply tunneling, and your wick is still decently long, you can place it on a candle warmer and the heat will evenly remelt your wax! Do note that if your wick is too short and the candle is deeply tunneled, this could result in burying your wick under melted wax. Proceed with caution.


3. They're Long Lasting

Scented candles can often only be used for a few hours at a time before the fragrance starts to fade. However, candle warmers can keep a room smelling fresh for hours on end. Candle warmers provide an extended fragrance life compared to candles because they melt wax evenly and consistently throughout their cycle. This means that one candle can last longer than with traditional burn sessions.


4. They're Affordable

Candle warmers are very affordable. They can be found on Amazon for relatively cheap. I purchased mine for $14 and I love it! I also use it for wax melts so it's a win-win!


5. They Look Good

Candle warmers come in a wide range of styles, so you can find one that fits your home décor perfectly. From sleek and modern designs to rustic and vintage-inspired looks, there's a candle warmer out there for everyone!


To recap, are candle warmers safe? Yes, so long as you follow best practices and use common sense. Are candle warmers better than burning? Well it depends on your desired outcome. They can be of use when you need to fix a tunneling candle or when you want fragrance without the flame. Candle warmers are a great alternative to traditional lit candles. They provide an extended fragrance life, they're safe and easy to use, they look good, and they're affordable. So if you're looking for a safer way to fragrance your home, consider investing in a candle warmer today!

Here are some candles that would look dynamite on your new candle warmer:






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