three reasons candle flames flicker by good wknd

3 reasons why candle flames flicker and how to fix it

Have you ever gazed mesmerized by the flickering of a candle's flame? Of course you have! (Who hasn't??) This meditative and relaxing view also comes with a little flame flicker from time to time.. Here are three reasons why your candles dance and flicker so delightfully, and what to look for when choosing a candle so you'll find one that's safely manufactured for the perfect flame.

The candle was created with an improperly sized wick.

Candles come in many shapes and sizes, but when it comes to the wick, size is of utmost importance. Every candle is unique depending on what type of wax is chosen along with the type of fragrance, the load of the fragrance, the size of the vessel, and the size of the wick. If a wick is too big when the candle flame is high, then the flame may be too high. This can not only lead to danger if placed near flammable objects but also lead to an inefficient burning process that could cause soot build-up or heat the jar to a temperature that could cause it to crack and leak hot wax onto the surface below.


The wick is too long

The wick length is also a huge factor in how long your candle will stay lit. It’s important to trim the wick after each use, so you don’t get any excess soot or black smoke filling up your space. But don’t cut it too short, as you want the flame to still be able to reach for the wax and stay alight. So when you've got a romantic dinner date night planned, make sure your candles will last until dessert - because nothing kills the mood quicker than an extinguished flame!


Drafty room

If there's a draft in the room, it can cause the flame to flicker as well. you never want to burn a candle in a drafty room and never place your burning candle near an open window on a windy day. Burning candles in a drafty room is risky business. A draft can cause the flame to flicker, putting you in danger of burning your furniture or home. To keep safe, avoid placing your candle near an open window on windy days, as this will increase the chances of a fire hazard. Additionally, be sure not to position your candle close to anything flammable like drapes; otherwise, you may be facing an increased risk of a blaze.

Stella Grey Studio extensively tests every candle, every fragrance, every small change like fragrance load or wick size, for the safest possible candle. All candles are poured in-house and tested from the first burn down to the last. Dried flowers or other flammable objects are never added to the surface, because who wants a molotov cocktail in their home?? So you don't have to worry about an untested candle. Your only job is to burn the candle responsibly and follow all candle safety tips!

Now that you know a little more about how candles work, you can better troubleshoot any issues you have when burning them. If your candle is smoking, it's likely because there's not enough oxygen for the flame to burn properly. Make sure to trim the wick before lighting your candle next time, and see if that helps! If your candle is flickering a lot, it could be because of a draft in the room. Try moving it to another spot and see if that makes a difference. By understanding how candles work, you can enjoy them even more!


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