The Best Jewelry Trends for 2022

The Best Jewelry Trends for 2022

What trends will dominate in 2022?

As with all trends, there isn’t just one that will dominate in 2022. Several different looks will reign supreme and there’s definitely a look for everyone to love! Jewelry trends are more than just fads, they speak about the times we're living in, the social influences on people's lives, and what they believe is beautiful. Evaluating trends in jewelry can give us a glimpse into our future lifestyles and how we see ourselves in years to come. Not only do trends set out new styles each year, they also help to inform jewellery designers of their next moves. So what trends should we expect this year? What will come about and put their stamp on jewelry trends for 2022? And what are the most affordable jewelry trends for 2022?

Warm it up

Warmer-toned metals such as bronze and rose gold jewelry are rising in popularity. This is a trend that has grown over the years and we’ve seen it embraced by modern women all around the world. The warmer tones are flattering on all skin types and are a slight deviation from yellow gold. It's not just bronze and rose gold trends in jewelry though. Traditional yellow gold jewelry trends are still major, but they're no longer the only option for people wanting to make a splash with their accessories. 

Mix it up

Sterling silver jewelry trends are growing as well, which is sure to be good news for people who want something more unique without going too far away from what they know and love about gold. Sterling silver is one of the most affordable metals out there while being far more safe for sensitive skin (as opposed to brass). If you love the gold trend but want to save some money, mix and match your metals! Mix silver and gold bracelets, stack silver and gold on your fingers. Pairing different metals will continue to be on the rise in 2022.

The Story Tellers

 Another major trend that’s still going strong is personalized jewelry. In recent years, we've seen an increase in trends related to telling our stories through our jewels. People want jewelers to create custom made bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that hold special meaning for them and remind them about their pasts. Get creative about how you tell your story. Perhaps a MAMA necklace? Or an initial necklace with the initials of the ones most important in your life. Personalized jewelry trends will continue to be popular into 2022.


Teeny Tiny Earrings

Extra tiny stud earrings are beginning to dominate the scene and ear parties have replaced arm parties. The new trend is multiple ear piercings and stacking coordinating earrings all the way to the top! Try this trend for yourself by mixing different shapes and sizes to keep it interesting. To create a truly modern look, mix different metals. Try mixing sterling silver with yellow gold for a gorgeous contrasting look!

tiny gold earrings

Pearls, but not like nana

Pearls will be back in a big way, but these aren’t your granny’s pearls. Don’t think a traditional pearl necklace like Jackie O, think oversized statement pearls, modern pearl hoop earrings, and minimalist pearl necklaces. Baroque pearls are also back in a big way, as their unusual shapes lend to a gorgeous statement piece.

Ready to jump on the pearl train? Peruse Stella’s pearl collection here.

the pearl jewelry collection

A little chonky

Chunky, sparkly, statement rings continue to rise in popularity. Perfect for cocktail parties or another Zoom meeting, they’re a fun way to make a bold statement without much effort at all. Easy to wear and perfect for so many occasions, check out Stella’s own bold statement rings here!

What trends do you love the most? What will you be embracing in 2022? I hope this has helped shed some light on what jewelry trends we can look forward to seeing in 2022. From pearls to sterling silver, chonky rings to tiny earrings, I hope you’ll find something you absolutely love! Questions? Comments? Let me know - I’m always here to help!

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