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7 Ways to Wear Necklaces for a Modern Layered Look

The layered necklace trend has been popular for a while now, but it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. The great thing about this look is that you can take your outfit from bland to Lizzo-worthy with just one easy accessory. I've put together some of my favorite ways to wear necklaces for the layered look and how to keep them looking neat and stylish all day long.

1. Two (or three!) is better than one

Wear two or more similar necklaces - try layering a necklace of different lengths for an interesting look. 

2. Play favorites

Use your favorite statement piece to layer with other pieces. This is also a great way to wear multiples of the same length without them getting tangled together! Try the Lola collar necklace paired with the Adalene sapphire bar necklace.

adalene sapphire gemstone bar necklace



lola choker necklace

Lola collar necklace


3. Mix it up

Mix metals and textures, like gold chains with leather cords, silver pendants with pearls. The combinations are endless! By mixing materials you can create bold looks while keeping it elegant at the same time. Don’t be afraid to mix chunky jewelry styles into your layered style either; think big earrings that pop against delicate layers in between. Another idea is adding some sparkly items like bracelets on top for extra glam.

4. Simplify

Wear a single long necklace. If you are wearing delicate pieces try layering to keep them from getting tangled together. This is also great for thicker necklaces that tend to get caught on sweaters and shirts throughout the day. Another idea, if your outfit has an open back, is to wear your long necklace backwards so it lines up with the seam of your open back. Pair with statement earrings for extra impact!

5. Double the fun

Double up on pendants by pairing two simple styles in one layered look - this works especially well when mixing materials like leather cord and silver chains. You can create something modern while still keeping things classic at the same time, resulting in a gorgeous unique piece. Try mixing and matching personalized disc necklaces.

Personalized disc necklaces


6. Get creative

Layer them on your wrist. This is a great way to switch up the look if you can’t decide what necklace will work best with an outfit or which one you want to wear. I don't know about you, but I love looking at other people's jewelry boxes - especially my friends who have taken the time to mix different styles together to create unique, eclectic looks! If you are just starting out in the layered style world or want some new ideas on how to wear necklaces for a modern look - spy a friend's jewelry arsenal and get feedback on your own ideas!

7. Add a touch of flair

Mix different lengths and styles together for an interesting mix that's sure to catch people's attention. We have all worn our fair share of single layer necklaces so getting away from that everyday necklace can be quite refreshing. The best part about this layering trend is the fact that it can be done with any type of jewelry; whether it's earrings, bracelets, rings, etc., as long as there’s more than one piece being worn then you’re in business!


I hope this has helped you find the perfect necklace to layer with your favorite outfits. The options are endless when it comes to layering necklaces so have fun playing around and experimenting with different styles, lengths, colors and materials until you find a combination that works well for you - I promise it's worth all of the time spent styling yourself before heading out the door!

I'm always happy to answer all of your jewelry-related inquiries and would love for you to browse through Stella's selection of necklaces today. With enough time spent experimenting with different combinations and looks, you'll be able to master this trend in no time!


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